If PJ came in and gave everyone in our group a 5 dollar bill, everyone would think that was awesome.  If he then gave everyone in a different group $500 we would be disappointed and unhappy with our $5.  Why is that? Why are those feelings something to be concerned about?


Have you ever been looking at Instagram or some other platform and started to feel negative about your life when you saw what other people were doing?
What are some dangers of comparing what you see online in others’ lives to your daily life?


What areas of your life do you tend to compare to others?  (looks, money, talent, relationships, other).

How do you feel when you compare those areas?

What kinds of negative emotions come from comparing ourselves to others?

Have you ever felt tired of trying to keep up with everyone else?  If so, explain.


What is your greatest ambition in life right now? What are you doing to pursue it? Is that ambition motivated at all by comparing yourself to others?


When Peter was talking to Jesus and began to compare his life to John’s life, Jesus respond saying “what is that to you? You must follow me” (John 21:22).

  • Why do we judge our lives based on what others have?  Why shouldn’t we let what God is doing in someone else’s life affect how we see our own life?
  • How does the decision to follow Jesus help us with comparison?

Positive comparison

How can comparison be a good thing?

We can see what someone has or is doing and it can make us jealous or it can inspire us.   What do you think is different in your heart in these two situations?

If you can, share a time when seeing something or someone inspired you to be better.