Who in your group would you feel the most confident in driving you around? Who is the least?

Who would be your most confident to do your math homework?

How does our confidence in something affect our behavior?

Faith over Fear

How does our confidence in God affect the way we face struggles in our lives?

On Wednesday we talked about three things that will bring fear and doubt and three things that will strengthen our faith. Tonight we want to talk about how we can use these in our daily lives.

Fear:  Listen to the wrong voices
Faith:  Listen to the Word of God

What are some examples of wrong voices in your life?

Can the wrong voice come from inside yourself?

Romans 10:17 – So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

How does the word of God build faith?

When you are facing a struggle in your life, how can you use this principle to help?


Fear: Speak Fear
Faith: Speak Faith

What does it mean to speak fear in your life? Give some examples.

What does it mean to speak faith? How can we speak faith when we are facing a struggle?


Fear:  Focus on the Crisis
Faith:  Focus on Christ

When we have a problem, why do we tend to focus all our thoughts on bad things?

What does it mean to focus on Christ when we have a struggle?


Make it practical
Use the principles above to deal with the following scenarios:

A friend comes to you and tells you they are really struggling with feeling lonely.  How could you encourage them?

You keep giving in to the same temptation over and over. How can you strengthen yourself?