Have you ever known you should do something but then didn’t do it?  (You knew you should study, but you watched Netflix all night.) Knowing doesn’t help much unless we act on it.

Why do you think we know we should do something and then don’t do it? (If we know studying, exercising, praying, or going to church will make our life better, why don’t we do it?)

Have you ever done something that you knew would make your life worse? (Maybe you knew it would get you grounded or in trouble).  Why would we do that?


James 1:22-25

What stands out to you about this passage?

What does it says about the difference between knowing and doing?

Going Deeper

Lots of Christians know what is right and what is wrong but keep doing what is wrong.  Why do you think we would do wrong even when we know it is wrong?

What are some of the things that make it difficult for you (and your friends) to obey God? (examples: peer pressure, fear of missing out).

PJ frequently says, “If you believe you will behave as if you believe.”  What do you think that means?

When it comes to the commands of God, do you believe that he really has your best interests in mind?

Make it really personal

Ask yourself:

  • What do I know God wants me to do that haven’t been doing?
  • What do I know God would not want me to do that have been doing?
  • What would help me change?