What have you enjoyed about camp so far?

If God has done something in your life at camp, share it with the group.

We often worship different and pray different at camp, why do you think that is?

What are some important things we can do when we go home to continue strong in God?

Do you have anything you feel like you stop doing when you go home?

Discovering God’s Will

One key way we can know God’s will for our lives is by looking to God’s word for his commands and principles.

  • How can knowing God’s word help you know his will for your life?
  • Can you share about a time when you made a decision because of something you read in the Bible?

Another way we can discover God’s will is by getting wise and Godly advice.

  • Why is it important who you take advice from?
  • Who are some people you feel like you can get good advice from?

Often times God will direct our lives through our spirit.

  • Have you ever felt like God was directing you this way? If you can, share a time when you felt God wanted you to do something.

2 Incredible Questions

For the believer trying to live in God’s will, there are a couple more questions that can help you walk in his will every day.

Question 1: Would doing this fit who I am as a follower of Jesus?  (Another way of asking is: If someone saw me doing this, would I be a good example of someone that follows Jesus?)

  • How could asking this question affect your daily decisions?
  • How does this question help you walk in God’s will?

Question 2:  What does love require of me?

Jesus commanded that we love each other.  If we are going to be in his will, we must love each other.

  • Why is this often a hard question to answer honestly?
  • What are some things you might do differently if you asked this question?

Final thoughts

Often times we think of discovering God’s will as figuring out big life transitions (like who to date and where to go to college).  However, much of the time what we need to focus on is how his will affects our daily decisions.

  • Why do we tend to seek God only for the big things instead of the daily things?
  • How does following God daily help us with the “big” things?