When was a time that you felt completely content? What was it that made you feel so at peace and happy?

When you are in a circumstance that steals your joy, what do you usually do to deal with it?



Philippians 4:11-13

What stands out to you about these verses?

Paul says that he is content in any circumstances.  What are some circumstances that make it hard for you to feel content?

Being content doesn’t mean you can’t desire a situation to change.  Some things in our lives change. Some things do not change.  What are some things that will not change in your life that you should learn to be content with, and what are some things that you are believing for change in the future but living with a content heart in the meantime?

Thinking Deeper

Comparison steals contentment.

  • When you get on social media and see that a bunch of friends did something fun and      you didn’t how do you feel?
  • Do you tend to compare your looks to others?
  • Do you compare the things you have to others?

Have you noticed comparison stealing your contentment?


Paul said the secret to contentment is that we can do all things through Christ.   It is Christ who strengthens us.

Have you ever gotten through something difficult by focusing on Christ?

How can you focus on Christ as your strength?

What would be a good next step for you to grow closer to Christ?