Who in your family do you feel most connected with? Why?

Outside of your family, who do you feel most connected with? Why?

 God’s Word

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another.

 What do you think this verse means?


When you think of the people you listed above that you are the most connected to, do they ‘sharpen’ your relationship with God?

Do you have anyone that you are close to that dulls your faith?


Who in your life does a great job of sharpening your faith? (It can be more than one person).

If the people that sharpen you the best are not the people you are the most connected to, how could you change that? Should you change that?

What are some things that will keep you from staying connected to people that help your faith grow?


Do you see it as your job to sharpen others? (to help others grow in their faith)

What are some ways you can help “sharpen” someone else?

Going deeper:

People can sharpen us in many different ways such as health, school, finances, dating, and many more ways. What are some areas you would like someone to help you grow in?

As a group, discuss how you could help each other in these areas.


Final thoughts:

  • How can your small group help each other stay strong in our faith?
  • What can you do if someone in the group starts to drift away from God?