The purpose of groups this week is to get to know each other a little better.

  • How has COVID-19 effected your everyday life?
  • What classes are you taking?
  • What has school been like for you so far?

Better Together

Our goal as a group is to help each other be better.

1. What are some ways that we can help each other be stronger in our relationship with Jesus?

2. We can make each other better by helping each other overcome sin.

  • How can we practically do that?
  • Why do you think we tend to hide sin from each other rather than try to get help with it?

3.  We should strengthen each other when we are down.

  • Why people tend to act like they don’t have struggles?
  • When someone in our group is struggling what should we do?


In order for our group to be successful, we must be the following things. Why are these things important?  Which will be hard to do?

  1. Committed
  2. Honest
  3. Trustworthy
  4. Never Judgmental
  5. Accountable

Make it personal

What are some things you hope your group can help you with this semester?

How can your group make you better?

How can you make your group better?