In your own words define prayer.

What has been your personal experience with prayer so far?

Finish this sentence:  Prayer is important because _______.


3 Short Passages on Prayer (get your Bible out)

1 John 5:14 – 15

Does anything stand out to you about these verses?
Why should we have confidence when we pray?
What does it mean to “ask according to his will?”

James 5:13-18

When should we pray according to this passage?  Are there other times to pray?

The passage said that Elijah was “a man just like us.”  When you read stories in the bible, is it difficult for you to see them as real people sometimes?

Why is it important to know that Elijah was just a person like us?

James 4:2-3

What do you think it means to “ask with the wrong motives?”
What would be the wrong motives to ask for something in prayer?  What would be the right motives?


Thinking Deeper

Most Christian’s know they should pray. In fact, many probably believe they should do it many times a day.  Even though we know it is important, there are often times when we just don’t do it. Why do you think that is?


What do you think the benefits of having a daily prayer life are?

What topics do you enjoy praying about the most? (personal needs, friends needs, people to be saved, worries, relationships, etc.)


Here is a strategy to be consistent in prayer: Make a short list of things and people you want to begin praying for.  You can put friends names, struggles you have, anything.  Put your list next to your bed where you will see it every night.   Decide that you will not turn out the lights in your room until you have a taken a moment to pray about the things on that list.

What other strategies could you use to be more consistent in prayer?