When thinking about being a disciple of Jesus, what does this statement mean to you: You should do what He would do if He were you.

What are some practical ways this plays out in our lives?


Jesus made this incredibly challenging statement of what it means to follow him.  As you read it, think about how it applies to your life?

Mark 8:34-38

What stands out to you from this passage?

Thinking Deeper

Jesus said his followers would deny themselves.   Write what you think it means to deny yourself (you are going to share this with your group on Sunday).

Why do you think that lots of people that call themselves Christians are not willing to deny themselves?

Based on what Jesus said in this passage, is this statement true or false: Jesus would not ask me to do something that I don’t like or that requires me to change who I am.  Why do you think that is true or false?

John 6:66 From that time many of His disciples went back and walked
with Him no more.

This verse tells us about a time when people left Jesus because his teaching was hard.  What do you think causes people that are following Jesus to turn away today?

Make it personal

What is a way that you have denied yourself to follow Jesus?

Is there an area of your life that you are hesitant to obey Jesus in?

Thank about your family, money, entertainment, ministry involvement, and school work.  How might one of these areas look different if you would do what Jesus would do if He were you?

Prayer Focus

Pray: “Father help me see any areas of my life where I have been unwilling to follow Jesus.  Change my heart and give me strength to put my desires and wants aside to pursue yours. In Jesus name.”