Matthew 28:19-20

What are some practical ways we can be doing what Jesus said, making disciples?

Do you feel like most Christians are involved in making disciples?

Why do you think some Christians are never involved in leading others?

Do you feel like you are able to “teach” others how to obey Jesus? Why or why not?

Making it personal

Making disciples is more than just getting people saved.  Being a disciple is a life long process.  What things have helped you personally grow as a disciple? (Don’t rush past this question.  If you can’t think of things that are helping you grow, that is a problem.)


Who has helped you grow as a disciple? What did they do?


Ask yourself this question: Who am I leading toward Christ?


The stronger your relationship is with someone the greater your influence is in their life.   If we want to influence someone for Jesus, we should build a relationship with them.  Who do you have a relationship with that you could help grow as a disciple?


You can also be involved in helping other Christians grow in their discipleship.  What are some ways you can help other Christians grow?


At Amplify

Our vision at Amplify is to create a place where the unconnected get connected.

  • In what ways are we doing a good job at this?
  • How could we do better?
  • How could you help us do this better?

In order to connect people, we must invite new people, involve them in what we are doing, and inspire them toward Christ.  Have you done any of these things?  What was your experience?