How often do you deal with stress or worry?

How do you normally deal with worry?


Matthew 6:25-34

What about this passage stands out to you about worry?

Worrying is something that doesn’t make any situation better. Even though it doesn’t help, we still worry. Why do we do that?

Jesus talks about many different things people worry about like what they will wear or what they will eat.  What are some common things that people your age worry about?

If you had a friend that was struggling with worry, what advice would you give them?

What do you think it means to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness?”

Make it personal

What is something that you worry about right now?

When we face worry, we need to “seek God’s way for today.” What does that mean?

How can you apply that to what you are worried about?

When we are dealing with worry, we need to “trust God for tomorrow.”  How is our trust in God and our worry related? Why is trusting God difficult?

How can you build your trust in God?

If you are laying in bed worried about something, what can you do in that moment?