The Amplify event is 2 Wednesdays away.  This is a big chance for us to reach new people and people that have been gone from Amplify.

  • What are you hoping for on this night?
  • What are some easy ways to invite people?

Looking Ahead

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. – Proverbs 27:12

What are the primary differences between the prudent and the simple?

What are the reasons that people avoid warning signs? Why is it that we sometimes walk right into trouble?

When have you seen someone look ahead and take the steps necessary to avoid impending danger? When have you seen someone walk right into trouble?

Share a time when you saw potential trouble ahead and took action to avoid it.  What did you do? Was it hard? What sacrifices did you make?

When you start something new, do you tend to look ahead for problems or just jump in expecting the best?

Make it personal

 Have you ever made a decision that later you saw led you to trouble?

With your group discuss what warning signs you could have seen?  Why do you think you made the choice?

When you look at your own life, is there anything you see as a potential problem in your future? (think about relationships, friends, family, finances, school, faith).

Discuss with your group what steps you could take to “see danger and take refuge”

Is there anything in your life you would do different but making a change would require a lot of sacrifice? (Find ways to encourage each other).

Do you have any habits that if you keep doing them could cause you trouble in the future? (This could be hard to share, but that’s what these groups are for).
What sacrifices would you have to make to change that habit?
What embarrassments might you face in changing it?
As a group, come up with some action steps.


An oddly specific question:
What problems could/does your cell phone cause you?
What can you do to avoid those problems?