In general, what is your first response when you think about prayer? Do you look forward to it, dread it or feel something in between?



PJ gave this definition of prayer:  “Prayer is talking to God about what we are doing together”

  • What stands out to you about this definition?
  • Is this different than the way most people think of prayer?
  • Many people think of prayer as getting God to do something for them.  How is thinking of prayer as doing something together different?


Thinking Deeper

Most Christians know they should pray. In fact, many probably believe they should do it many times a day.  Even though we know it is important, there are often times when we just don’t do it. Why do you think that is?


What do you think the benefits of having a daily prayer life are?

What topics do you enjoy praying about the most? (personal needs, friends needs, people to be saved, worries, relationships, etc.)

What would be a good strategy to help you be more consistent in prayer?