Start your group by doing the trust fall.
Are some people easier to trust in the trust fall?

Why is trust important in relationships/friendships?

Think about it

“Never trust anyone over thirty” was a slogan popular in the 1960’s.  How would you rewrite that slogan today?

  • Never trust anyone ______________________.

Name a person you trust completely?  Why do you trust them?

Do you know anyone that you don’t trust at all? Why don’t you trust them?

On a scale of 1 to 10:  1 being “Not at all” and 10 being “totally:”

  • How much do you trust your parents? Why?
  • How much can your parents trust you? Why?
  • How much can your teachers trust you? Why?


Do you agree or disagree with the following? Why?

  • Overall, the average person can be trusted.
  • It is easier to trust Christians than non-Christians.
  • I have difficulty trusting people.
  • Once a person lies to you, it is impossible to trust them completely again.

Friends and Family

Have you ever lost someone in your family’s trust?  What happened?

What happens to a friendship/relationship if trust is lost?

If your parents don’t trust you, what can you do to gain their trust?

Why does it take a long time to gain trust?